3 reasons why Karetakers.in is your best bet in managing your property in your absence.

We are Caretakers who help maintain your assets(Apartments, Plots, Commercial spaces) etc.

Professionals to the core

Karetakers.in is the brainchild of two hard-core real estate and HR professionals, who have sensed the market's need for a real professional approach to the fast growing 'orphan property' syndrome.
The service is web-based and the control rests solely with the subscriber, giving him or her complete visibility from any corner of the world.

Trust is the idea

Karetakers.in works hard to earn the trust of its clients. Transparency is the bedrock on which the service is built. The clients are apprised of each step in any action taken. For example, if a flat is being cleaned, the subscriber even knows the name of the supervisor in-charge. The depth to which the service is built to empower the customer is unparalleled.

Traceable, auditable, accessible

Everything that is done for the client is traceable down to the last person, last action and time. It can be reviewed later, audited and details accessed whenever required. Thus there is a record of all that is undertaken to keep your property clean, well invested and secure.

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